So many kitchen trends, so little time!! Here are some great tips on a few 2018 design kitchen design trends. Read on for more info… 

The kitchen is the hub of modern life as we know it. It is the go-to gathering place for the family, the regular haunt of the homework club and the hottest spot for post-work drinks. From the point of view of an interior designer, the kitchen harbors more design possibilities than ever. A space that has always been undervalued and underestimated in terms of its design potential, many renovators are now noticeably more intrigued by kitchen design, beyond pure functionality. But, what are the key trends that the kitchen design industry is catering for at the moment?  Below are the top three most-wanted kitchen trends for 2018.

Island counters 

Informal dining is the new black. This is true across the international culinary landscape. Restaurants such as L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon have earned their Michelin stars with casual bar-style seating, and we are embracing this familiar and relaxed approach to eating in the home. The island or peninsula counter is the modern kitchen’s answer to the reversal of traditional, formal dining.

From the perspective of family living, it seems everyone is busier. It has taken a generational shift to render the dining room table redundant, as we grab breakfast, lunch and dinner on the go. The island or peninsula counter provides a more laid back atmosphere for the contemporary mealtime, which may end the social convention of table-side, after dinner chatter.

From a creative viewpoint, the introduction of the island or peninsula kitchen counter is a platform for exciting new design solutions and interior schemes. For example, most luxury design projects now feature a built-in wine temperature regulating unit. The addition of such technology embodies the innovation surrounding these countertops. Another example of the creative flexibility that island or peninsula counters provides is where you might include a stained wooden counter to keep the white worktop clear. The materials contrast beautifully, with the minimalist sheen of the worktop, and the grainy wood of the sunken bar area.

Raw materials 

The use of raw materials in the kitchen brings an instant sense of thoughtful design. From untreated wood to brutalist concrete, these elements give your home an edge that more contrived decorating materials can’t quite achieve. Exposed brick walls are a design classic, and are ever-present in both contemporary and more retro-inspired schemes. Rough, brick walls give an industrial feel without sacrificing the charm and familiarity of the terracotta tones, and can be accessorised with further industrial pieces. Try a brick wall or splashback in the kitchen, and pair with metallic pendant lights or exposed bulbs and pipework. This will give your space the cool atmosphere of a New York loft, with the pared-back and relaxed style of a Scandi home.

Black kitchens

We are always told to use white, neutrals and pales to give the illusion of space in our homes. What many don’t realise is that black gives a sense of expansiveness as well, especially when used to cover an entire floor, wall, island counter or wall of cabinetry. Unlike the usual neutral interiors people largely adopt in their homes, black schemes bring an instant feeling of elegance, intrigue and decadence. Clean lines and a dark angularity will give any kitchen a sense of quiet confidence and composure.


When specifying a new kitchen, include an island or peninsula counter when possible. You’ll be the envy of all your friends

Don’t fear pared back, uncontrived materials. If you discover a beautiful brick wall in your renovations, clean it up and appreciate its rustic charm

Neutrals are not necessary! Experiment with colours all over your home, not forgetting the kitchen, and definitely not forgetting black and dark tones