Renovation Angel was featured this week in Architectural Digest’s “The Report” by Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman. The feature is part of AD Pro, an Architectural Digest platform that recognizes Industry Standards and Best Practices.

“Before Dumping it, Consider Donating that old Kitchen” was published on January 29, 2018. It introduces the AD readership, which is substantial, to the Renovation Angel luxury kitchen recycling process. The article suggests that industry professionals (and their clients) should consider donating during their renovation projects. Especially when it comes to luxury brands or appliances, which often have a “second life” if gently used.

Read on below for an excerpt from the piece:

On most remodeling projects, demolition is all about dust, destruction, and waste. Old cabinets, appliances, lighting, and furniture end up in a Dumpster, and eventually the landfill. But there is another option: Donate it all. Besides being good for the environment, donating can save you money on your renovation and your taxes as well as help support charities and create jobs.

One of the leading organizations in the field is Renovation Angel. It offers free, insured removal and transportation of luxury kitchens, appliances, bath fixtures, furniture, home decor, and architectural elements throughout the U.S. and in Canada. The money you save on demolition and disposal fees can go toward upgrades to your remodeling project.

Top Designers Agree

In addition to providing background about Renovation Angel, including a brief interview with our founder Steve Feldman, the piece also references some of our favorite Industry Advocates: Matthew Quinn and Jim Bilotta Jr.

“I have been recycling kitchens in Atlanta for a while,” says Matthew Quinn, principal of Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio. “Renovation Angel makes it so incredibly easy and turnkey. It’s a very design-savvy operation, and it supports such a good cause.”

Matthew Quinn is an award-winning kitchen designer whose work is often featured in magazines  and sought after by celebrities. Thank you to both Jim and Matthew for continuing to be advocates for Renovation Angel!

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