This month Renovation Angel celebrates our 12 year anniversary! Our whole team wants to graciously thank you for your continued support and interest in our luxury kitchen recycling mission. What started as a simple pilot project in Greenwich, Connecticut on June 15th, 2005 has now become a national movement.

“It’s  been an amazing journey from our first project in Greenwich to now becoming a national resource,” said Renovation Angel President Steve Feldman. “I cannot describe how grateful we are for all the support along the way, and the hard work from our teams. Twelve years ago we couldn’t imagine something like this happening, and now we know this is only the beginning!”

Establishing Luxury Kitchen Recycling

In 2006, our first stores opened in Honesdale, Pennsylvania and Bethel, New York. A year later we received our first feature article in The New York Times. In the same year we opened our store in Norwalk, Connecticut. People were beginning to show serious interest in our recycling process and up-cycled luxury goods.

In 2008, our second feature in The New York Times came out and we celebrated our 500th recycled kitchen. Our education campaign was starting to ramp up, and in 2009 our program was featured in the Kennedy Green House book. People were falling in love with the idea of cost effective & eco-conscious home renovation.

In 2009, we were honored to recycle our first Clive Christian kitchen. The beautiful workmanship of this world renown designer helped us to spread the message even further. That same year we opened our Riverdale, New Jersey store and in 20011 we opened our current Fairfield, New Jersey 44,000 square-foot Super Store.

Becoming Renovation Angel

In 2012 we spread our wings to become Renovation Angel, the official charitable arm of Green Demolitions. That same year we received Celebrity donations from Soprano’s star Edie Falco and NFL player Amani Toomer.  They became our first ever Celebrity Angels, and helped launch the luxury kitchen recycling message into an entirely new stratosphere.

We soon began our national expansion into Chicago, Florida, and California. In 2014, industry icon Sub-Zero and Wolf become our partner helping us create awareness for luxury recycling nationwide. In 2015, we were blessed to get our third feature in The New York TimesRenovation Angel had become a trusted resource in the New York Tri-State area.

In 2016, we had distributed over $2,000,000 to charitable programs through our luxury kitchen recycling process. Our founder Steve Feldman was leading thought-panels and presenting at the annual KBIS convention in Las Vegas, and at the Domestic Estate Managers Association (DEMA). That year design industry leader Walker Zanger asked to collaborate with us in another amazing national awareness partnership.

By 2017, Renovation Angel has created over $17 million in jobs and recycled 5,000 kitchens.

Steve Feldman at the DEMA Convention in Arizona.

12 Year Benchmarks

Since 2005, we have worked hard to nurture and evolve our program in the ways that matter most. We are proud to share the following benchmarks:

  • – Created over $17.7 million in jobs
  • – Distributed over $2.2 million to charitable programs
  • – Recycled over 5,000 kitchens
  • – Diverted over 30 million pounds from landfills

To learn more about us visit our website and watch a quick video about our story today!