This summer Renovation Angel is proud to become one of Coldwell Banker Concierge’s certified partners.

The Coldwell Banker Concierge service was created by the Coldwell Banker Southern California in 1995. It was the first of its kind in the real estate industry, and now has a far-reaching reputation for excellence. Clients and independent agents seeking assistance in finding the most qualified and experienced service providers in their local markets now turn to Concierge.

The program was quickly embraced by both independent agents and customers as a dependable resource for finding the best local vendors in the industry. When you select a Concierge qualified vendor, you are not simply making a random selection based on an online advertisement or search results. Using a local and Concierge qualified company gives you the confidence of knowing that Coldwell Banker independent agents and customers have successfully worked with these vendors before.

Concierge has a well-deserved reputation for maintaining the highest standard of vendor admittance and oversight. The rigorous qualifications and management have earned Coldwell Banker its reputation guaranteeing that clients will work with only the best.

Renovation Angel Joins Coldwell Banker  

You can now find Renovation Angel among this esteemed group of vendors!  As their recommended vendor for luxury recycling we offer a unique service to all Coldwell Banker Concierge clients.

Click HERE to read the article by Lauren Gega in Coldwell Banker’s home & style magazine INSIDE OUT.  

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About Coldwell Banker: 

The Coldwell Banker organization has been a premier full-service real estate provider for over a century. Coldwell Banker was established in 1906 after San Francisco emerged from a devastating earthquake. Founders Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Arthur Banker saw the need for honest, knowledgeable and professional real estate services to help the city rebuild.

The ethics, integrity and customer support that earned a reputation for the firm began a tradition of service that continues to this day. The company began expanding into Southern California during the 1920s, and in the following decades, grew to encompass a national and worldwide presence.

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Inc. Arizona and Southern California is operated out of the Southwest Service Center Hub in Irvine, CA. Concierge has local representatives located in Southern California and in Arizona.