Renovation Angel President & Co-Founder Steve Feldman participated yesterday evening (March 22, 2016) in the Designers + Builders Alliance of Long Island signature “Alliance Talks” series. The panel geared towards addressing the needs of homeowners during renovation and new construction was attended by 55 people all interested in learning about the latest in sustainability and design.  An intriguing mix of interior designers, kitchen designers, builders, real estate agents, recyclers, architects, and developers were in the audience to listen to the discussion.

“As industry professionals we need to do a better job communicating to the consumer the win-win of sustainability starting with the significant financial upside and ending with the tremendous environmental and charitable benefits,” said Feldman to the audience. The session “Embracing Sustainability for Better Living With Design” was a dialogue on the quickly evolving sustainability practices of modern building design. The conversation whittled down to how sustainable practices and design can influence and nurture an overall better quality of life.

The Panel: 
  • Bill Chaleff, A.I.A., LEED AP, Chaleff & Rogers Architects, P.C.
    • Building high performance single family homes for 40+ years
  • John Barrows, Performance Path Solutions, LLC
    • Championing Green Building, from initial planning to the sourcing of materials through construction
  • Steve Feldman, Renovation Angel
    • Spearheading the luxury recycling revolution for kitchens and home remodeling
Irena Škoda, ŠKODA Design + Architecture, PLLC
           (President of Designers + Builders Alliance of L.I.)

Hosted By: Country Carpet 

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