This gorgeous Hartmark Traditional kitchen is from a gated Toll Brothers estate community in sunny Southern California. It’s one of our most recent favorites, and also a great example of how a luxury recycling project might come together!

This project came to us through several degrees of referrals. First, Interior designer Audrey Dunn, from the design firm McRae Lambert & Dunn, found out about us through one of our Industry Advocates, Gina Marie Fard. An international interior designer herself, Gina had begun a campaign to spread the luxury recycling message in her home state of California. “Throughout my career I’ve witnessed so many beautiful kitchens getting thrown into the dumpster, and when I heard about Renovation Angel’s charitable mission it just made sense,”  said Fard. “It’s eco-friendly, financially a no-brainer, and very efficient.”

She spoke with Dunn about Renovation Angel’s recycling mission, and Dunn became very enthusiastic about trying the service whenever a project came along that required a full kitchen removal. This Hartmark Traditional is that project.

It also afforded us the opportunity to use one of our new partner Coldwell Banker Concierge’s featured vendors, Zuni Moving. We are pleased to report they were everything you could hope to expect from a luxury home service like Coldwell Banker Concierge and more.

We hope you enjoy!



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