Forbes Magazine, one of the world’s preeminent leaders in business and finance news, highlighted Renovation Angel as an innovator in the changing world of philanthropy.

Forbes Philanthropy 2.0

Robert Reiss of The CEO Show interviewed some of the nation’s top social entrepreneurs for Forbes Magazine to get the scoop on the changing face of philanthropy. Renovation Angel President and Co-Founder Steve Feldman was proud to share Renovation Angel’s unique philanthropic model.

Renovation Angel accepts donations of gently used luxury renovation items, like kitchens (including cabinets and appliances), bathrooms, and furnishings. Donors receive free white-glove removal, and impressive tax savings. Renovation Angel takes these items, that would normally go to overcrowded landfills, and repurposes them for the greater good. Finally, a portion of sales goes directly towards funding high quality outreach programs and outstanding non-profits.

It’s eco-friendly, green, and a savvy way to renovate! 

A New Kind of Non-Profit

Social entrepreneurship signals the imperative to drive social change, and it is that potential payoff, with its lasting, transformational benefit to society, that sets the field and its practitioners apart. It’s at this intersection between purpose and profit that Renovation Angel tries to find its place.

New enterprises must be a “win-win” for all stakeholders — the owners, the employees, the consumers, and the earth” – Steve Feldman

Renovation Angel is a new breed of “entrepreneurial charity” earning the money it donates without fundraising or government grants.  “The aim is to turn a wasted resource, thousands of luxury kitchens headed to overcrowded landfills, into millions of dollars of new jobs and funding for other charities,” explained Feldman.  Renovation Angel has donated to charities as varied as Timothy Hill Ranch, FOCUS North America, Foothills Animal Rescue, and Designs 4 Dignity.

Since 2005, Renovation Angel has created over $17 million in jobs, distributed over $2.2 million to other non-profits, and diverted over 29 million pounds of waste from landfills.

Renovation Angel discovered a market void in America — the recycling and repurposing of pre-owned luxury kitchens, furniture and renovation items. Donors receive a full tax deduction and free, white-glove, insured removal. Consumers can then purchase these “luxury bargains” at a 43,000 square foot retail showroom in Fairfield, NJ.

A win-win indeed.

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Forbes Philanthropy Charity
Renovation Angel CEO Steve Feldman presents FOCUS North America with a $100,000 donation.