Renovating a home is almost always an expensive endeavor, and very rarely eco-friendly. Now with Renovation Angel homeowners can save thousands of dollars on their renovation projects, and help divert thousands of pounds of waste from our already overcrowded landfills. Read on to learn how!

What’s it worth? 

Most people don’t realize the hidden value in their homes. They understand that furniture can be sold, or that pools and solar panels can add value. What they don’t realize is that their kitchens have enormous value too!

Did you know that a luxury kitchen often has a higher trade-in value than a luxury Mercedes Benz?



For example…

Imagine you have a 2007 Clive Christian kitchen (one of the leading names in luxury kitchen design) and you also have a 2007 Mercedes SL Class sedan. The car is worth at least $20k. Not a measly sum. The kitchen, however, is worth way more at $27k+.

Often during a remodel that value is lost to the homeowner because the contractor either throws the kitchen away, or worse, keeps the kitchen to repurpose himself!

Now you would NEVER consider throwing away your car, right? 


Every piece of a kitchen, from old appliances and cabinetry to marble tops, has value. Renovation Angel helps give those kitchens a second life, and keeps all of those materials from ending up in the waste-bin. In fact, we have repurposed and diverted over 24 million pounds of waste through our recycling process.

Our fully insured teams will come and do a same day white-glove removal in any city nationwide. When you recycle your kitchen with Renovation Angel you not only save thousands of dollars on removal and demolition, as we do that for you for FREE, but you also receive a tax deduction worth the value of your donation. (Some donors have seen savings of up to $80,000!)

How can you get started?

All you have to do is snap a photo of your kitchen, and submit it using our easy online form. Our team will get back to you to see if your kitchen qualifies for removal, and give you a preliminary estimate of your total savings.

Take a look below to see a kitchen removal in progress, and learn a little bit more about our Renovation Angel mission!