Last week we mentioned that we were sponsoring the 2017 Hearth and Home Kitchen Tour, and this week we are excited to share some snippets from the day. The tour had between 400-450 people come through between 10-4pm on Saturday, October 14th in Westfield, New Jersey. Proceeds went to the Holy Trinity School in Westfield, New Jersey.

Lara Richmond, our Luxury Projects Manager, was onsite throughout the day to share information about our luxury kitchen recycling process. The great thing about this event, wasn’t just that we got to support an awesome cause and educate people about our mission, but we also got to see one of our recycled kitchens repurposed. That’s right! A repurposed luxury kitchen installed into a beautiful home.

Ever wonder what happens to kitchens that get donated to Renovation Angel?

Scroll down to see for yourself.


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