The hit mommy fashion blog Mama & Tata featured Renovation Angel’s President & Co-Founder Steve Feldman last week. The Mama & Tata blog is an award-winning insiders guide to everything a Mama could need in NYC. Run by two sisters, Candice Miller and Jenna Crespi, the Mama & Tata blog and associated social channels has become a “must-see” resource for busy mama’s in New York City.

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The ladies call it the “Moving Solution” and we are so grateful to them for helping us share the recycling message with their followers.

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Read on below for some snippets from the interview with Steve Feldman:

What do you feel differentiates you from others in your field?

Renovation Angel created the only white-glove, nationwide luxury kitchen recycling program. We are an “entrepreneurial charity,” earning non-traditional revenue through demolition and renovation donations. Renovation Angel transforms a wasted resource, thousands of luxury kitchens headed to overcrowded landfills, into millions of dollars’ worth of new jobs and funding for other charities – feeding hungry children and job training for youth-at-risk. Since 2005, over $17 million of jobs created, over $2.2 million distributed to other non-profits, and over 29 million pounds diverted from the landfills.

Renovation Angel discovered a market void in America – the recycling and repurposing of pre-owned luxury kitchens, furniture, and renovation items. Donors receive a full tax deduction and free, white-glove, insured removal. Consumers can purchase “luxury bargains” at a 43,000-square foot retail showroom in Fairfield, NJ. Our donors are high-net worth property owners including members of the Forbes 400, celebrities, and sports stars.

What do you feel gives you longevity in this big city with so many options?

Our longevity relates to two things – one, our wonderful team which receives numerous kudos from the donors and industry professionals, and two, our unique luxury recycling process, taking a project from start to finish seamlessly.

How do you positively impact your clientele?

Several ways. The first is financially – donors receive a full tax deduction and free, professional, white glove removal. The demo of a small kitchen in NYC is $5,000, a large one is over $10,000. The second is environmentally – our donors get a good feeling knowing they are reducing landfill waste and protecting the earth by repurposing their kitchen and renovation items. The third is charitably – our donors love the fact they are supporting job creation and earning funds for other non-profits. They also appreciate that we do not fundraise or receive government grants. 


Pay it forward and name your top colleagues in the same field or related field:

There a few people who really stand out. Jeff Moore, President of Sub-Zero Group East. When Jeff heard about us in 2009, he loved the idea of Renovation Angel which lead to our partnership with Sub-Zero and Wolf. Jim Bilotta, President at Bilotta Kitchens in Manhattan, Mamaroneck, and Mt. Kisco. Jim discovered us in 2005 and has supported Renovation Angel through numerous referrals of luxury kitchen projects. Jonathan Zanger President of Walker Zanger. saw the value of creating a nationwide “awareness partnership” with Renovation Angel in all 13 Walker Zanger showrooms and through positive press and social media.  

What is the best advice anyone’s ever given you? Or what is your “mantra” / words to live by?

Best advice – Jim Henderson, Owner of William C. Huff (Luxury logistics/movers). “Focus on luxury.” It was a game changer for Renovation Angel.

My Mantra – Do the right thing, and success will follow. Never give up, there is a new opportunity waiting around the corner.

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