The Renovation Angel team has been working hard to revamp our digital footprint, and are excited to present this newly minted Renovation Angel website. We are always trying to make the luxury kitchen recycling message more accessible, so please let us know if you love the site or have any suggestions!

Industry Advocates

In addition to awesome graphics and cleaner lines the new website features a
section called Industry Advocates. This area serves as a directory of information for those shopping for design professionals. We are often asked for suggestions on designers, builders, etc., and now this Industry Advocate section can help you to connect with the amazing individuals we have worked with us over the years. All of these design/build professionals are not only experts in their respective fields, they are also committed to our luxury recycling mission!

Walker Zanger

We were recently honored to announce our partnership with industry leader Walker Zanger. This unique partnership was constructed to create awareness of luxury kitchen and bath recycling nationwide. You can find more information about the partnership by visiting the page that was created just for them! Visit the Walker Zanger Awareness Partnership Page 

“We are proud to partner with Renovation Angel, and through this collaboration, Walker Zanger will be able to raise awareness among homeowners and designers on the many environmental, charitable, and financial benefits of recycling during their luxury kitchen remodel,”
– Jonathan Zanger, President of Walker Zanger


Sub-Zero and Wolf

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Sub-Zero and Wolf Showrooms have partnered with Renovation Angel to raise awareness of kitchen recycling as a best practice. By recycling a high-end kitchen at the time of remodel, donors receive a valuable tax deduction while supporting high quality non-profit organizations, and have an opportunity to keep their used products from contributing to landfill waste. Once removed and recycled, donors have the opportunity to replace their old appliances with more sustainable units. Visit the Sub-Zero Awareness Partnership Page   

Feeling inspired to renovate?

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