Have you ever wondered what happens to kitchens after they’re donated to Renovation Angel? When we receive kitchens from our kind donors, those kitchens get sent to our 44,000+ square foot superstore Green Demolitions. At Green Demolitions, these kitchens (among other things including, bath, art, etc.) can be purchased to compliment any new renovation project. Recently, one of Green Demolitions past clients F. Mitchell reached out to us, and our team at Renovation Angel wanted to share her renovation story with you.

From Donor to Buyer

A few years ago, Mitchell purchased the “Sunflower Lane” kitchen which was donated from a luxury home in Cincinnati, Ohio. While their own home was still being built, the kitchen sat in storage for months.  “The house was designed solely around the kitchen! It has been a true asset to our home, and our family” wrote Mitchell.

Before & After

We wanted to show you the before and after of Mitchell’s kitchen so you can see what a luxury recycled kitchen actually looks like, and how they implemented it in their own home!

The kitchen in its original home in Cincinnati. The project was referred to Renovation Angel by designer Kimball Derrick.
After renovation using the Green Demolitions Sunflower Lane kitchen.



The Mitchell’s are moving sooner than expected and wanted, “to share the rebirth of this beautiful kitchen.” We’re elated to hear that our kitchens can be at the forefront of so much joy for families. 

Feeling Inspired to Design?

By recycling through Renovation Angel, homeowners receive a full tax deduction as well as free, professional insured removal, pack and transport of products. This helps reduce landfill waste with the added benefit of supporting high-quality nonprofit organizations.

Since our founding in 2005, Renovation Angel has created more than $20 million in jobs, diverted more than 30 million pounds from landfills, and distributed more than $2.5 million to nonprofit outreach programs.

If you are interested donating to our recycling program you can submit your item now using our easy online form. Snap a few pictures with your phone, give us a few simple details, and we can let you know if you qualify for FREE kitchen removal and thousands of dollars in renovation savings!

Learn more about our luxury recycling process, or contact us with any questions at hello@renovationangel.org.

If you’re interested in shopping our full inventory of discounted luxury recycled goods, explore the amazing possibilities at Green Demolitions online