Renovation Angel President & Co-Founder Steve Feldman stopped by The CEO Show on April 11th to chat about the luxury kitchen recycling message. Click HERE to listen to the podcast now!

The CEO Show was created in 2007 at a single radio station in Greenwich, Connecticut.  The goal was to help people learn directly from top CEOs.  Today the Robert Reiss led radio show is nationally syndicated from over 25 AM radio stations across America with over 600,000 weekly listeners. Their magazine, The CEO Forum, is received exclusively in hard copy by the top 10,000 CEOs in America and digitally by our community of 9,800 CEOs.  

“To this day, we still focus on unfiltered content directly from top CEOs,” said Reiss.  “We are interested in sharing timeless leadership principles and business models with our audience of CEOs and aspiring CEOs,” he continued. 

Visit their website to learn more about The CEO Show and listen to over 500 interviews from top CEOs!

Renovation Angel President and Celebrity Angel actress Edie Falco
Renovation Angel President Steve Feldman and Celebrity Angel actress Edie Falco