On November 1st, 2016 Renovation Angel was honored to provide FOCUS North America with a $100,000 donation to support their great work with under-serviced communities across the nation.  Though FOCUS has a number of worthy programs, the Renovation Angel donation has gone to specifically support the Summer Feeding and Workplace Development programs, respectively.

FOCUS North America in Action 

Across the nation, FOCUS combats hunger, serving meals three times a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. This year alone, FOCUS will have fed close to 300,000 people in need and distributed millions of pounds of groceries.  FOCUS North America was invited to the White House and heralded as a “Feeding Champion” because of their extensive work in providing meals and supplemental groceries to disadvantaged families and individuals.

The White House also challenged FOCUS to expand their feeding programs nationwide and to target children, who through no fault of their own, often go hungry during the summer months. Over 17 million children in the U.S. live in food insecure homes, meaning that they don’t have regular access to nutritious meals. These children suffer even more during the summer months when they don’t have access to free or reduced price meals at schools.

Last year, FOCUS launched a pilot project in Phoenix with Sodexo Foundation – STOP Hunger and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Together they served 17,165 meals to children in need.

In 2016, FOCUS distributed 46,000 meals in eight cities across seven states through their Summer Feeding program.


Workforce Development Program 

At the heart of FOCUS’ very existence is the mission to surround individuals in need with support, and provide them with resources, skills, and confidence to achieve employment and ultimately true independence.

“The support from Renovation Angel has helped us strengthen our workforce development programs in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis,” said FOCUS Executive Director Nicholas Chakos. He continued, “Now thanks to the generous donation from Steve and his team we will also be able to grow these programs in Columbus and beyond.”

FOCUS addresses joblessness through varied means: employment counseling, job creation, job readiness training, and even ensuring that job seekers have appropriate workplace attire. They hold true to the belief that preparing people to secure and maintain employment is fundamental to helping them have stable and self-sufficient lives.

In Cleveland, they created a jobs program that puts homeless men to work in janitorial and maintenance positions in local organizations and businesses. Combined, the men work more than 90 hours each week. The program offers an invaluable opportunity for men to re-enter the workforce, enhance job skills, improve self-confidence, obtain professional references, and earn a regular income. It’s always easier to find a job when you have a job; as such, the jobs program makes the men more employable when they are ready to seek full-time work.

In Pittsburgh, they run a 10-week professional development academy to prepare men and women to enter the job force. They also partner with local business to provide employment for students upon graduation from the class.

In St Louis, they offer personalized, one-on-one career counseling for men living in their transitional house.

In other FOCUS Centers they have free computer labs, enabling job seekers to work with professionals on their resumes and search for jobs online.

Renovation Angel’s Commitment to Charitable Giving

Renovation Angel has been fortunate enough to generate over $2,000,000 dollars in charitable outreach since 2005.  We remain dedicated to continuing support for worthwhile charities who help to enrich our underserved communities.

Many of the job seekers FOCUS encounter need more than just job services. They need support in other areas too, like food, rental assistance and health care. All of FOCUS North America’s programs provide targeted support that helps people get through difficult periods, so that they can ultimately provide for themselves and their families.

We recycle kitchens and repurpose them for the greater good. Not only because it’s an eco-friendly and savvy way to renovate, but because contributing to the vital work of charities like FOCUS is one of the most worthwhile endeavors an individual or organization can aspire to.” –  Steve Feldman, President of Renovation Angel

If you would like to donate your kitchen and aid us in supporting causes like FOCUS North America, please submit your kitchen using this simple form.



To learn more about the important work FOCUS North America is doing in cities nationwide please visit their website.