We are proud to announce that our President and Co-Founder Steve Feldman was featured on the the Mrs. Green’s World podcast series in January. Steve discussed his personal journey and our unique luxury kitchen recycling process.

Stepping Into Mrs. Green’s World

Mrs. Green’s World is an award-winning online community for people who care about our planet. Each week experts are featured in an on a podcast where people can learn everything from simple tips to live green to living life in balance. Professionals and influencers from around the world share exciting information about energy, technology, automobiles, healthy living, fashion and so much more.


Gina Murphy-Darling is Mrs. Green.

Her goal is to offer simple, creative ways to adopt green habits that benefit individuals, families and companies, and are good for the planet. Everyone from retired chemical engineers to design-school millennials appreciate her authentic and entertaining style of communication.

“We challenge people to think, but we don’t tell them what to think,” says Murphy-Darling. “I invite my listeners to join us in creating a world filled with hope, possibility and change for a sustainable future. Every person’s small changes add up to big impact.”

A former successful corporate executive, Gina’s passion for preserving the planet, while morphing into Mrs. Green, was a progressive awakening. After attending a conference on preservation of the rainforest in Peru, Murphy-Darling’s interest became her mission. Her commitment to educating mainstream people like herself about the confusing “green issues” motivated her to launch a radio show, Mrs. Green Goes Mainstream, in 2008. The show is now titled Mrs. Green’s World.

Mrs. Green’s World Network encompasses an Internet podcast series with new Mrs. Green’s World shows being released every Tuesday and Saturday on MrsGreensWorld.com and iHeart Radio. MrsGreens.World.com features an informative and entertaining blog, e-newsletter, topical videos and launch pads for new media platforms. Mrs. Green’s World network is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona with an office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Renovation Angel Podcast

You can listen to the podcast and learn more about our Renovation Angel story HERE.

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