Richard Landon is a national award-winning Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, specializing in residential space planning. Using his Designed by L.I.F.E. process, Richard designs and remodels homes that inspire esthetically and emotionally. “It matters that my clients feel their spaces look great, work well, and most important feel right,” said Landon.

His clients’ projects have been published over 70 times in national and international magazines. As a thought-leader in the space of interior design, his Designed by L.I.F.E. process invites clients to access the the deepest parts of their imagination.

Craftsman Beginnings

As a young man, Richard attended Seattle Pacific University studying chemistry. His love for design sparked when he was helping to relocate a young widow and her child. During the move he saw that the woman’s shelf was unsteady as it fell straight off the hinges. He blurted out, “Can you buy me some wood? I’ll build something that stays on the wall!” It was then he realized he had never done more than build a tree fort growing up.

Richard went to a cabinet shop, watched their process, and came away thinking, “It’s just rectangles; I can figure this out.” He borrowed a table saw, sander, router, and drill motor and started building. Later on he began getting calls from people who visited the woman asking if he would help build items for them as well. What started off as a mission of compassion for a single mother sparked what would later turn into a promising career as a cabinetmaker.


Design Influence

Finding inspiration in everything from musical theory to kinetic science, Richard’s design process is highly influenced by both the physical and existential. His environments inspire him, but it’s his client’s dreams that influence him most. He refuses to let the space dictate design, and instead works tirelessly to assure that the project space accommodates his client’s wishes.  “I have never felt constrained to fit boxes into a space. I shape the space to fit the client and the home’s personality.”

In the design community, friend and colleague, internationally-acclaimed British architect Johnny Grey is Richard’s favorite source of design inspiration. Lauded by the New York Times as one of the “the world’s best kitchen designers,” Mr. Grey is a creative force.

Kitchen Trends

These days people looking to build or remodel kitchens have a multitude of styles and trends to choose from. From Richard’s perspective the biggest trend in kitchen design is the advent of the living room kitchen. Known for his use of what he calls “desk-depth counters” or kitchen counters that are 30” deep, Richard has definitely been on the forefront of the trend. “People want more livable multi-purpose space,” he said. “With more space below to hide appliances, I’m seeing clients prefer less wall cabinetry or no cabinetry at all.”

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Eco-Friendly Seattle

“In Seattle, we are fortunate to readily access eco-friendly materials,” said Richard. With “green building” workshops, and environmental sustainability conferences, Seattle certainly appears to be a more eco-conscious city. Making Seattle a perfect place for the sustainable practice of kitchen & bath recycling!

Though other organizations have similar recycling projects in the area, none of them are quite like Renovation Angel. “We have firms that do this already, but they’re not oriented towards high-value homes in their approach to doing things,” said Richard.  “The firms that are doing this are competent, yet I wouldn’t trust them to perform the removal of items without constant supervision.”

Renovation Angel’s approach is entirely different, with fully ensured teams doing white-glove removal. “People with high-value homes expect to be treated in a certain way.” And with local Bellevue now having both a Bentley dealership and Neiman Marcus store, it would seem the luxury market is continuing to boom in the Seattle area. With Renovation Angel’s more personalized approach to luxury homeowners, Richard thinks Renovation Angel will become a valuable tool to designers in the area. “I would certainly recommend it!”

Feeling inspired?

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