This week we are very proud to announce our newest team member: Meloudi Sargizian!

New Business Director Meloudi, our new Business Development Director, is the product of over 13 years of experience working in the luxury art/design community. Originally from Europe, she has worked with many of the art houses there including Paris Photo and Art Monaco. In addition to her work in various international markets, including World Fair Dubai and Art Shanghai, she has been a consultant at Christie’s and Sothebys auction houses.

The Journey to Renovation Angel

In recent years Meloudi found herself leaving the luxury art sales world and joining the staff at Sub-Zero and Wolf in New York City. This was a conscious effort to be a part of a community that combined her passions for luxury interiors, sales, and quality artisan design. While at Sub-Zero and Wolf she came across Renovation Angel.

Sub-Zero and Wolf has been one of Renovation Angel’s favorite Industry Partners. As such, our staff have spent many a day in their Manhattan showroom for events, etc., where our President Steve Feldman got to know Meloudi well.

“I’ve always been impressed with Renovation Angel’s charitable mission,” said Meloudi. “Knowing that our efforts with luxury kitchen recycling positively affect people in need gives me even greater motivation to reach our business milestones. What we do here is important, not just for the environment, but for the charitable organizations that really thrive on our contributions.”

An Innovative Future

Meloudi comes to Renovation Angel with a long list of goals she is excited to attack. In the coming months she will be reaching out to our Industry Advocates and helping Renovation Angel to grow our network even further. “My biggest goal is to make more people aware of our organization, since we really are the only ones doing this type of work,” she said.

We are excited to see her take on new innovative projects, and hope our community comes together to support her efforts in spreading the luxury kitchen recycling message. “Renovation Angel is an extremely well rounded non-profit that focuses on all areas of giving back, and at its core is a strong family-oriented unit,” Meloudi shared. This family cornerstone being one of the most important reasons why she is passionate about joining us.

Meloudi, from our whole family, welcome to the team!