Steve and Lisa Feldman are the Founders of Renovation Angel. Are you curious about how this all come to fruition? The answers are below within an interview completed by Accent Magazine with Steve Feldman. It translates perfectly as to how this enterprise was created, so please read on to find out more!

Renovation Angel is chock full of dedicated people that share the ultimate vision for pure hard work, and have a quest of giving back.

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Kitchen Influential: Renovation Angel turns old kitchens into charity gold

“In Europe, this sort of demolition/renovation recycling goes on all of the time,” says Steve Feldman.

Billed as the first luxury pre-owned kitchen buyer and seller, Kitchen Trader provides a service to homeowners looking to sell and remove an existing kitchen (with resale value of $20,000 or more) during either demolition or renovation. But thanks to the white glove removal policy of Feldman’s teams homeowners who want to do more can skip the cash and donate appliances, cabinets and fixtures to Green Demolitions (which benefits addiction-related charities), or the broader and innovative Renovation Angel, a give-back program that donates money to other causes, like Rescue Paw Foundation, a favorite charity for London Jewelers.

Renovation Angel, an idea Feldman credits to his wife and business partner, Lisa, got boosted into reality in 2012 when actress Edie Falco (The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie) agreed to come on as the charity’s first high-profile Celebrity Angel. NFL wide receiver Amani Toomer came on shortly after, and scored some exposure for the charity on Fox Sports Extra.

One of the more unique elements of Renovation Angel is that participating 501(c)(3) non-profits that recommend other charities can enjoy an increased share of donation money. For consumers, it’s a way to make sure their still-beautiful kitchens don’t end up in the landfill while helping others and scoring a healthy tax write off.

“We’re like the kitchen matchmakers,” says Feldman. “We’re creating funds for other charities and the homeowner gets free removal, safe handling, a reduction on construction costs during a remodel, and money donated to charity. It’s a positive circle.”

Though much of Feldman’s business is based in the Tri-State area, he’s got highly trained crews established throughout the country. “We’ve been to Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Florida, Chicago and all over the East Coast.” Through Kitchen Trader, people can also buy gently used and carefully dismantled kitchens for a fraction of the original selling price. “Of course, the person has to be able to make the kitchen work for them. But if you can make it work, you can find a $300,000 designer kitchen going for $60,000.”

For more information or to donate your kitchen, visit or call 888-887-5211.

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